Loyalty to the Medical Profession
Why Call Us?

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Gables Insurance Recovery has the knowledge and experience to deal with unpaid healthcare claims. Our team of experts can prepare, present, and negotiate claims without any up-front cost to you.
We relieve your practice of dealing with insurance carriers. We specialize in working with insurance carriers to contest denied and delayed payments and obtain the most equitable, prompt settlement possible.
Gables Insurance Recovery pursues these claims while streamlining the administrative and legal process with our unique, proven methods. We are completely transparent and responsive to our clients, as well as HIPAA compliant.
Our digitalized medical records and billing documentation system helps avoid cumbersome practical challenges to the exchange and delivery of pertinent documentation, and our clients can access the claims we are handling for them at any time.
Gables Insurance Recovery’s goal is to ensure that healthcare professionals—our only clients—receive the full compensation to which they are entitled. Accordingly, we are considered a Vendor of Choice by the Dade County Medical Association.

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