Patient Fee Recovery Service

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Medical practices do not always receive payment on time. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, insurance companies and even clients do not pay for services rendered. Medical billing offices can lose thousands of hours each year trying to track down payments from individuals and insurance companies. Cash flow and even the bottom line are affected by this unfortunate trend.
Here at Gables Insurance Recovery, we know that non-payment can be devastating for a medical practice, and that trying to recover payment can be a time consuming and arduous task that often does not pay off.
Our patient fee recovery service can help save your practice time and reduce the amount of frustrating energy spent trying to collect payments rightfully owed to you for medical services rendered.
With many years of experience working with health care providers of all kinds, we understand the unique needs of health care professionals and the special relationship they have with their clients. Our staff will keep your records safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant as we recover funds owed from slow-paying patients and insurance companies. The effective, professional approach used by Gables Insurance Recovery will ensure you and your staff don’t have to spend any more time pursuing late payments, while still preserving the patient-doctor relationship.
Our track record of successfully recovering payments for medical care practitioners means that we can almost certainly make your practice more cost effective, reducing the daily frustrations and obstacles faced by making it as efficient and sustainable as possible.
Allow us to relieve you of this burden so that you can get back to what you do best—helping patients. Please give us a call today to find out more about how your work—and life—can be made easier and more enjoyable with assistance from Gables Insurance Recovery’s seasoned payment recovery experts.
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