Loyalty to the Medical Profession

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GIR’s revolutionary PAID program

PAID – Preparation, Action, Innovation, Diligence
GIR uses a multi-prong approach aimed at maximizing your recovery against Insurers by implementing interactive consultations that assist clients in the preparation and organization of files and all pertinent documentation necessary to maximize recovery.
GIR takes immediate action by engaging the Insurer after incisive, thorough analysis of the claim. Utilizing innovative yet proven legal strategies in order to streamline the recovery process, GIR diligently pursues and prosecutes its client’s claims through timely demands and/or placement for litigation with skilled, experienced trial attorneys.

Medical Services

Medical Benefits

What distinguishes Gables Insurance Recovery from traditional medical debt collection agencies?
Gables Insurance Recovery offers a unique method of aggressive pursuit of outstanding medical accounts receivable.
Our thorough knowledge of the insurance industry and applicable laws allows us to provide an unparalleled approach to delays and denials of submitted claims.
The GIR concept is far more effective than that of traditional debt collection agencies. GIR uses its comprehensive understanding of the insurance companies’ internal claims processing and operating procedures to pursue and prosecute claims. Additionally, GIR invokes and enforces controlling laws and regulatory provisions to get the provider paid quickly.
In the event that the insurer’s intransigence delays or reduces payment on claims, GIR’s legal department will initiate litigation and use its experience to bring the matter to a successful conclusion.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Debt Collections.
Our clients spend their time and energy delivering vital medical services instead of collecting accounts receivable and worrying about cash flow.
Business office personnel experience increased productivity, higher morale and greater job satisfaction as a result of reduced paperwork.
Our fees are reasonable and based on a fixed percentage of net reimbursements.
Concerns about turnover and other personnel problems among your billing staff are ameliorated
Courteous and professional telephone assistance given to patients and follow ups with insurance companies by our team members relieves your medical office staff of telephone traffic and the need to handle correspondence from insurance companies.
Service from a stable, experienced company such as GIR ensures the assistance you need will be available now and in the future.
You maintain absolute control over the financial affairs of the practice and receive detailed monthly reports that satisfy the most fastidious accountant.

PIP Claims Management

Personal Injury Protection Claims Management
PIP Claim Management as a client of GIR, you will have continuous guidance as to the almost daily changes, by way of new case law, which affect the way your clinic processes and submits its medical bills to insurers.
This guidance process will be implemented through seminars and on-site personal consultations.
Our experienced personnel are dedicated to the implementation of procedures when medical bills are sent and the recovery of PIP benefits for Medical Providers with outstanding accounts receivables.
Our unique style includes transferring the assignment of benefits from the medical provider to GIR.
This transfer gives our company the legal rights to recover the benefits expeditiously, as well as allowing your staff to dedicate their time to the business of healing.

HMO Claims Management

Health Management Organization Claims Management
HMO Collections Program- Gables Insurance Recovery uses contractual, regulatory and well settled legal principles in order to secure payment for outstanding medical account receivables from Health Maintenance Organizations.
Too often, HMO’s will arbitrarily decide to delay, reduce or deny payment to in service and out of service providers. GIR examines the contractual responsibilities imposed by the applicable agreements and maximizes the potential for recovery by aggressive pursuit of your money.
In the event that legal action is necessary, GIR is aware of the regulatory provisions and legal strategy necessary to most favorably attempt to achieve success in its collection efforts.
GIR is also aware of recent legal rulings that afford health care providers direct standing against the HMOs in breach of contract lawsuits.
These changes in the law provide yet another avenue of recovery when the carriers attempt to circumvent their responsibility by hiding behind the seemingly endless bureaucracy contained in the HMO contract.
Let GIR help you sort these matters out with a well rounded, informed and aggressive approach.

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