Loyalty to the Medical Profession
Frustrated with your Insurers

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In this tough economic market, many physicians are finding it incredibly difficult to stay in business. An increasing number of medical professionals’ practices are slowly sinking, leaving physicians with no other options except to dip into their personal accounts to keep their companies afloat. This has been a growing problem for the medical industry. A survey conducted by American Medical News found that 69 percent of doctors in 2006 “had cash flow problems because payments from government and private insurers arrived late, below what was billed, or not at all.”

However, insurers not paying the medical practices are not the only problem physicians have to contend with; there is also the issue of having to be your own advocate when dealing with the insurance company. These days, to have a successful practice, doctors have to function as both physicians and business leaders, which takes valuable time away from their patients. A recent study by Dan Bowman for fiercehealthcare.net found that “77 percent of respondents agreeing that they spent too much time with payers and not enough time with patients.”

Gables Insurance Recovery will aid you in the insurance recovery process. We will take the risk and relive your practice of dealing with the insurers, leaving your health care professionals with more time to see patients. At GIR, we will review your policy to maximize your claim while keeping you informed through all the steps of the process.

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