GIR Medical Claims in Fort Myers

The beautiful City of Fort Myers is renowned for its magnificent beaches, fishing, and shopping activities. A recent renovation of the city’s downtown waterfront promises a new breed of businesses, restaurants, shops and galleries.
Fort Myers is becoming one of the most sought after cities to live and work in the U.S. With all these thriving and upcoming businesses; there is a need to ensure insurance coverages are being honored, both for businesses and individuals. Gables Insurance Company does just that, we make sure insurance companies make good on their promises.
So how does health Insurance work?
Essentially, health insurance subscribers enter into an agreement with a health insurance company to reduce the impact of the cost of medical expenses. In the event that an employee or the subscriber gets into a situation that needs medical attention, the healthcare provider will treat the patient and issue the bill of the services provided to the appropriate insurance company. The payer evaluates the claim based on a number of factors to determine which, if any, services it will reimburse.
The process of reimbursement is frustrating! This is where Gables Insurance Recovery comes in. We at Gables Insurance Recovery can ensure that we help medical providers or their billing companies respond to an insurer’s delay. With over 50 years industry experience and knowledge, we have recovered outstanding medical account receivables to many of Florida’s healthcare providers. We understand that medical practices often spend a lot of time, money and energy trying to recover money that is rightfully theirs. Our business is to relieve that burden so that you can get back to the business of healing stress-free.
So what will GIR do?
Gables Insurance Recovery will pursue denied and underpaid benefits from insurance carriers. The dedicated and professional staff at GIR will take on the challenge of outstanding receivables and increasing revenue, while medical professionals get back to the business of healing. Aggressively pursuing overdue insurance benefits while providing exceptional client services with transparency is what is strived for. The majority of collections are accomplished without the need to litigate – which significantly reduces collection time. In the instances that litigation cannot be avoided, GIR’s in-house counsels will litigate matters expeditiously.
If your business is located in Fort Myers, and you are in need of our help, call us toll-free on (877) 275.5329 or visit us at 1375 Jackson Street, Suite 404. GIR’s representatives can handle all your needs and business services.